dfgsdgfdFavorelli : Sizing the World. For your iPhone & you iPod touch
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Favorelli is your perfect companion for fashion shopping, at home or on vacation. Because Favorelli is ”Sizing the world“.

Finally, you’ve got all international size systems at hand, from head to toe, at the very moment. Not only for you, also for your loved ones and relatives – thoroughly organized with verified size values and lovingly illustrated.

From you for everyone

No more guesswork, no more ”It’s too tight“: Using Favorelli, you’re managing the sizes of up to 20 persons!

Whether for yourself, wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, godchild or grandma – there’s room for everyone and everyone’s quick at hand. Contacts from your addressbook can be conveniently synchronized with Favorelli, re-using photo, phone numbers and birthday.

From 0 to 12 in just a few seconds

Now that’s happy shopping: You get the most important sizes of every person on the screen right away – perfectly customizable and featuring a birthday countdown!

Quick comparisons are just a touch away: Samantha and Miranda, do they have the same shoe size? In what size should I get a ring for my spouse when ordering from France?

From motorcycle helmet to pantyhose

Favorelli covers you from head to toe: For every person, you can manage 54 different fashion articles and accessories.

Why is that so important? Because fashion boutiques and online retailers are using custom size systems for different items: helmets, rings, gloves, socks, boots, costumes, shirts, blouses, jeans, bras, bikinis etc.

From USA to Australia

The world of fashion is international, Favorelli is as well: You have access to size systems from all over the world!

Whether you’re shopping for a French designer costume in New York, enjoying a fashion-trip to Paris or Rome – or even ordering from a Japanese online-shop: Favorelli has you covered!

From 38AA to 4XL

There are size systems, you wouldn’t believe it. This is why Favorelli has done its homework and presents you more than 250 size systems! Thoroughly organized by person and item.

To avoid guessing and typing, Favorelli provides pickers for every system: only containing the size values which are actually used by retail!

Looking good

Wearing glasses or contact lenses, you know it well: It’s always a good idea to carry your eyeglass prescription with you – when you need a quick replacement or spot a great deal.

That’s why Favorelli features a complete eyeglass prescription card for short- and far-sighted, with or without prism, glasses or contact lenses.

Of course there are some specials, too:

  • Complete body measurements for customized pieces
  • Copy whole size systems or create your own
  • Reach your people quickly by phone or texting
  • Show and hide unused size systems
  • Quick-search: Enter a known size value, find matching size systems
  • New: Send all sizes of a person by e-mail – and do it in style using the nice Favorelli design!
  • New: Import all sizes of a person from a Favorelli-sent e-mail into your own Favorelli app!

System requirements

  • iPhone

  • iPod touch

  • iPad

  • iOS

  • 4S
  • 5
  • 5S
  • 6/+
  • 8
  • 9


  • German
  • English
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • French